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Building a business is not a race, it’s a journey.

Morgan O'Brien

President & CEO, People's Natural Gas

“For those just starting out to those preparing to sell, the insights John pulls from his experience and from those of his clients are priceless.” 

Ed Stack

CEO, DICK's Sporting Goods

"As I read The Entrepreneurial Journey, so many of the stories and lessons resonated with my own experiences building DICK’S Sporting Good’s. This incredible resource unwinds the complexities of raising capital and building and managing a team like no other book I’ve read. I wish I had read this earlier!"

Dave Stern

President, Paris Companies

"The Entrepreneurial Journey takes a deep dive into the personal issues entrepreneurs will have to manage when they make their own leap of faith to try and build their businesses. This book focuses precisely on those critically important emotions that can make or break your business."

Robert Crown

Founder of Crown Castle International, Chairman, Pres, CEO of Crown Castle USA

"As an entrepreneur, I appreciate business owners who harness their own ideas and turn them into successful companies. The Entrepreneurial Journey is a must-read for anyone who is thinking of starting a business! It is one of the best books out there and will provide tangible advice like no other."

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Giving business owners the tools they need to become more emotionally intelligent leaders.


John Waldron
Founder & CEO, Author
Waldron Private Wealth

As an entrepreneur himself, John Waldron founded Waldron Private Wealth in 1995 after working in private accounting for many years. At the time, starting a company from scratch was a huge risk for him, as it is for any entrepreneur, but over time, his company grew into the success it is today.

Because of John’s experience, he and his team have spent over 40 years helping other leaders find their way, turn their business into something special, and transition to retirement. He shares how to prosper through the pivotal phases of a business’ life cycle in “The Entrepreneurial Journey: Navigating a Successful Path for Your Business, Family, and Future.”

Using hundreds of interviews with business owners as its foundation, “The Entrepreneurial Journey” is not focused on technical aspects and tactics, but arms readers with the tools to develop the emotional intelligence that pragmatic entrepreneurs need. Because it is the intangibles that often make the most tangible impact.

“The Entrepreneurial Journey” is a valuable guide for anyone making their own way in the business world.

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