Income Tax Planning

Staying on top of changes in state, federal, corporate and other taxes is a massive undertaking. Waldron’s roots in accounting are clearly evident in our proactive advice on how to structure all your holdings so they may retain their greatest value.

Income Tax Review Summary
By looking at all tax returns in concert—personal, trusts, business—we paint a clear picture of what’s working and what could be done better. We compare marginal tax brackets and effective tax rates, and incomes from all businesses and portfolios.

Income Tax Mitigation Analysis and Strategies
After our review, we use our experience and what we learned about your family vision to recommend strategies that mitigate your tax liability over time.

Change in residency (Domestic or International)
The tax implications are obvious; the steps necessary to make the changes are not as clear. We’ll help you sort through them.

Intra-family Loan Structuring and Tracking
Direct gifting is one way to reduce large fortunes but is limited by regulations; intra-family loans are another way, but they must be structured to conform to current tax laws.

Captive Insurance Company Analysis, Implementation and Management
The insurance your business truly needs may not be commercially available. In those rare cases, we can establish the insurance company and then help you determine the allocation of premiums most advantageous for you.

Legal Planning
We’ll work with your counsel to structure trusts and other entities in ways that align with your income, charitable, and estate tax planning.

Coordination of Investment Portfolio with Entity Ownership
Just as we structure investment locations when recommending an investment strategy, we assess the tax implications of entities currently owned or about to be purchased or sold—from businesses to real estate—in light of your total portfolio.

No matter your goals, we’re here to help. Reach out to speak with one of our experts.

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