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Kevin Searfoss, CFP®, CDFA™, Senior Wealth Advisor, puts all the pieces together to show the strength of integrated services.


“A couple was accessing their inheritance through several trust structures, all with different tax consequences and withdrawal restrictions. They knew they had significant wealth invested, but rather than feeling secure, they felt they were in danger of squandering much of that wealth, and were unable to plan. No wonder—nine different accounts with twelve different stockbrokers and private money managers, none of whom knew the objectives or sectors of the other’s investments. The first thing we did was to provide a clear, big-picture view of their finances. With a newfound understanding of spending, cash flow and net worth, they felt secure in our recommendation of strategies to maximize, protect and transfer their wealth.”

Our Advice

We prepared a net worth and entity flow chart with values, tax implications, cash distribution restrictions; a spending analysis and detailed projected budget for capital expenditure, business and personal expenses; an evaluation of available, current and projected cash flow; a statement of current and projected net worth; and an income tax and estate summary.

We developed an investment structure for the liquid assets management, with the appropriate asset allocation providing the required cash flow, which, in turn, was positioned in the appropriate entity to accomplish its goals.

Recommended, independently and objectively, the most appropriate managers within the allocation to accomplish the goals of the wealth planning.

Waldron worked with the clients—who like to take extended trips abroad—on developing a solution to have their bills paid, reconciled, and monitored back to their budget plan.

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Complete Financial

Kevin Searfoss, CFP®, CDFA™, Senior Wealth Advisor, puts all the pieces together to show the strength of integrated services.


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