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How Women Can Get What They Want (and Need) from a Financial Adviser

Improving women’s experiences with financial professionals starts with honest conversations and some smart questions. And picking the right pro – one who knows how to listen – is critical.
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How to Get Ahead During a Market Downturn

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Intrafamily Lending
In recent months, investors have faced market volatility, depressed asset values, and rising interest rates. While unpleasant, these market conditions may present unique opportunities in the wealth planning arena. An intrafamily loan can be a useful tool for individuals who want to help a family member start a business or purchase a home without making an outright gift. This multipurpose strategy can even be used as part of a wealth transfer plan in conjunction with a trust.
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The Three Most Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Their Investment Portfolio
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Market Update: Inflation, Bear Market, and Recession Risk
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With Greater Connectivity Comes Greater Cyber Security Challenges

Advances in communications technology have been very helpful in many respects, but when it comes to cybersecurity, the simplicity of connecting can be a double-edged sword.

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You May Be Worrying About the Economy Too Much

Buck up. Yes, we are facing some crises right now, but once you put things into perspective, you’ll see things may not be as bleak as you fear.

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savings bonds
Series I Savings Bonds: A Look Under the Hood
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The Women of Waldron Panel Event
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Detroit Dealmakers Mike Krol
The Smart Business Dealmakers Conference – Detroit
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