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2020 Year-End Considerations with a Biden Victory

If the CARES Act did not add enough planning complexity to 2020, we now have a change in leadership at the presidential level.  With the recent election pegging Joe Biden as the next President, it is important to take a look at his legislative proposals and determine if there are any areas in which individuals should review their situation and make proactive moves.  While nothing is certain, especially with the Republicans holding the Senate, we recommend you review the following situations before the end of the year: 

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Your Year-End Checklist for Tax-Planning

2020 is nearing a close — sounds good, doesn’t it? With the end of the year, not only do we look toward a fresh start, we also take the time to ensure we’ve taken advantage of every opportunity from a tax-planning standpoint. Take a look at our Year-End Checklist to make sure you’re ending 2020 the right way, and feel free to reach out to your advisor or visit us online at

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Estate Tax This Election: What’s The Big Deal? 

Under the current Trump administration, the Federal Estate tax exemption is $11.58M for individuals ($23.16M for married couples) with a top tax rate for estate tax of 40%. This amount will continue to increase with inflationary adjustments temporarily until it is slated to sunset starting January 1, 2026which reverts to pre-2018 levels of around $5M (adjusted for inflation) 

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How the 2020 Election Affects Individual Taxes

There are not enough words to describe this year, although, “apocalyptic” has passed my lips more than once. Beginning with a global pandemic, quarantines and business closures, market corrections, to the devastating fires along the West Coast, and now closing towards a tumultuous Presidential election, it has certainly been a year where resiliency and empathy are needed.

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Proposed Social Security Changes: The Top 5 Things You Need To Know

The 2020 election is approaching with many important issues at the forefront of each candidate’s campaign. But there are other issues not as widely discussed yet equally important – one being Social Security reform. It is common knowledge the Social Security trust fund runs a deficit each year and any changes to the Social Security funding or payment structure would impact many.  Here are the top 5 things you need to know about the proposed Social Security changes: 

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What Will Happen In November?

2020 will go down in history as one of the most interesting years we have faced in some time. Our society has endured, and still battling, a global pandemic, experienced an extremely volatile financial market, and now we are on the threshold of one of the most politicized Presidential elections. To top it off, we are seeing signals that this election will not go quietly into the night.

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The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election And Investment Decision Making: What Should I Do With My Investment Allocation?
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Waldron Private Wealth Named One of Pittsburgh’s Top Workplaces in 2020

 Waldron Private Wealth, an independent wealth management firm located just outside Pittsburgh, was recently named one of the region’s best small businesses of 2020 by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Top Workplaces program. Waldron was ranked third out of 58 companies in the Small Business category, which is designated for companies employing between 50 and 149 people.

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How Waldron Private Wealth is Maintaining Culture and Office Morale While Working from Home

At Waldron Private Wealth, we have four “culture pillars” that we pride ourselves on and use as guideposts to develop our intra-company mindset:

  1. We Are A Team
  2. We Are All Entrepreneurs
  3. Driven To Make A Difference
  4. Mission First
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Time Waits for No One so Don’t Pass Me By

While the title may take you back to the classic rock era and create a sense of nostalgia and fond memories of how things used to be, the reality is that life as we know it has changed. Yes, we said it. Each day, we see and feel the effects the current pandemic has on our lives. Things we never before had to think about are our new normal. We now ask ourselves, “Did I remember my mask to wear to the grocery store?” or “Did I review my child’s lesson plan before they attend class via Zoom?” One thing that is certain: 2020 is a year that most of us did not expect.

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