Executive Compensation

Because we are intimately familiar with your complete financial picture, we can advise on the most advantageous way to structure your compensation and benefits.

Corporate Benefits Analysis
From health insurance options to qualified or non-qualified retirement elections, we focus on the impact your benefits will have on your overall financial plan. Our comprehensive approach simplifies the assessment of corporate benefits by creating a customized summary, and providing a detailed analysis of how your options fit into the context of your overall planning strategy. We can also assist with negotiations when switching jobs by providing insight and supporting materials to verify that the new company will make whole on any lost or unvested compensation.

Executive Compensation
Compensation decisions should always be made in light of other holdings, income, and the rest of your financial situation. Our team dives deep into your options, including deferred compensation planning, assisting with the determination of distribution times and lengths, and assessing and factoring in the inherent risks. Our experienced team will review stock option strategy, long term incentive plans, and clarify the impact contingencies such as death, disability, forced and unforced separation, and retirement will have on benefits for you and your family.

Interested in learning more about structuring compensation and benefits? View our additional resources and get a free copy of John Waldron’s “The Entrepreneurial Journey” below.


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