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Family office personnel are dedicated to the management of your finances and the execution of all the ancillary services that entails. However, few family offices have on staff the depth of expertise Waldron has assembled. To us, the family office is a true extension of our client; we are available to support your family office in whatever ways you may require—from establishing and staffing a new family office to overseeing the orderly dissolution of a long-time office as wealth is transferred to the next generation.

Establishing Family Office Governance
What constitutes a consensus? Does a simple majority rule the day? We rarely think of rules when it comes to families, but rules are critical to the functioning of a family office. We have a long history of helping write the rules under which family offices make important decisions.

Establishing Family Office Mission and Vision
Writing a mission and vision that is an accurate reflection of a family’s objectives is critical when setting up an initial family office. We have the experience to help the establishment of new family offices proceed smoothly.

Enhanced Account Aggregation
Waldron’s technology allows us to get transaction by transaction detail from multiple administrators of investment accounts, alternative investments, and private equity. Family offices regain time that otherwise would be spent tracking investment holdings, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Enhanced Investment Reporting
Waldron’s methods for reporting, while unique and rigorous, can be readily adapted into your family office’s processes.

Reviewing Family Office Compliance Structure
Changing family circumstances, as well as changing laws and regulations, necessitate regular review of the structure of your family office to verify it has the proper checks and balances.

Family Philanthropy
Whether establishing a unique endowment or supporting favorite causes on an ad hoc basis, we have the expertise to help a new or existing family office efficiently execute your philanthropic wishes.

Education of Next Generation
Our full complement of educational offerings to heirs is available to your family office. This includes financial literacy courses created specifically for the inheritors of significant wealth, as well as facilitating productive, engaging family meetings. Our graduates from the Institute for Preparing Heirs work closely with each family to develop and support both their family legacy and wealth transfer goals.

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