Working with family offices

For established family offices, we stand ready to provide the support and guidance you need. Whether consulting on governance and compliance, easing administrative burdens, providing next generation wealth management services or redefining the family office mission and values, we’re here to help. Whether called on directly by the family or recommended through our professional ties with other most trusted advisors working with a family office, our role is one of support wherever and whenever it is needed.

Establishing a Family Office After working with you to set the mission, goals, governance and compliance structure of a new family office, we can assemble a team of carefully vetted strategic partners, or employees. Once established, we will be available for consultation on an ongoing basis. Augmenting an Existing Family Office Our experience with ultra high net worth clients can be helpful to existing family offices. Whether it’s notifying your office of relevant changes in everything from investment policy to tax laws or identifying third-party experts to work directly with the office, we have the requisite experience to bring greater efficiency to the enterprise—all in a spirit of collaboration. Transitioning to the Next Generation’s Family Office Sometimes when wealth is passed to the next generation, it is clear that the heirs will create a new, or several new, family offices, effectively dissolving the previous entity. When that is the case, we can help create a smooth transition, offering not only technical compliance and governance advice, but facilitating communication between the different family members through what can be a difficult time. We can also establish and help staff each new family office.

Providing Family Offices a Deeper Bench
We supplement family office services as little or as much as needed.

Family Office Support Services


Establishing Family Office Governance
Establishing Family Office Mission and Vision
Enhanced Account Aggregation
Enhanced Investment Reporting

Reviewing Family Office Compliance Structure
Family Philanthropy
Education of Next Generations

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