Integrated Services

Exceptional wealth is not exceptional in scale alone. Every choice impacts many other decisions. Only a multi-disciplined, holistic approach can bring clarity. Precisely why we offer the following integrated wealth management services.

Financial Planning

Wealth management is not investment management alone. Each aspect of your wealth affects at least one and usually several other dynamics of your overall finances. So you can easily see the big picture, your team organizes all facets of your wealth. While the complexity below the surface remains, we identify and clarify these interrelationships in order to simplify your decisions—and your life.

  • Cash flow projections and planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Education planning
  • Real estate services
  • Executive compensation consultation
  • Business owner advisory services

Investment Management Services

While we highlight aspects of wealth management that other firms tend to overlook, our investment expertise remains a critically important aspect of our advice. To that end, we operate an institutional-grade investment approach that we customize precisely to your situation. The result is portfolio recommendations based on strategic and tactical asset allocation and prudent diversification. And because we are independent, it is advice that is always free from conflicts of interest.

  • Asset allocation
  • Manager selection and monitoring
  • Performance reporting
  • Concentrated stock position management
  • Review and reporting of non-managed accounts
  • Private equity tracking
  • After tax return analysis
  • Investment location structuring

Income Tax Planning

Staying on top of changes in state, federal, corporate and other taxes is a massive undertaking. Waldron’s roots in accounting are clearly evident in our proactive advice on how to structure all your holdings so they may retain their greatest value.

  • Income tax review summary
  • Income tax mitigation analysis and strategies
  • Change in residency (Domestic or International)
  • Intra-family loan structuring and tracking
  • Captive insurance company analysis, implementation and management
  • Legal planning
  • Coordination of investment portfolio with entity ownership

Family Enterprise Services

Waldron’s family enterprise service offering is devoted to the growth and success of the multigenerational family and the assets and structures which sustain their wealth. This includes family businesses, family offices, family foundations, and the education of and engagement with multiple generations. We provide the framework and guidance that allows successful multigenerational families to preserve their assets through carefully designed structure, shared vision and collaboration.

  • Family Stewardship
  • Family Philanthropic Guidance
  • Family Education & Transition Counseling

Trust and Estate Planning

Your wishes for how your wealth effects future generations may be crystal clear, but translating those wishes into reality—in ways that retain as much of the control of your wealth as possible—can be difficult. That is why skilled experts in estate planning and establishing trusts are part of every Waldron team.

  • Strategy development, structuring and implementation
  • Principal and income reporting
  • Annual gifting execution, tracking, and administration
  • Trustee assistance services
  • Onshore and offshore trust planning
  • Trust administration and reporting
  • Family limited partnership planning

Trust Services

Waldron Private Trust is a Trust Representative Office of National Advisors Trust Company, and is a fully integrated service offering of Waldron Private Wealth. Waldron Private Trust is a fiduciary, serving individuals, families and family offices, providing a full suite of corporate trust services, delivered by our team of independent professionals

  • Administer new living/revocable, irrevocable, testamentary, charitable, dynasty, asset protection and educational trusts to support your unique wealth planning goals
  • Serve as trustee for any existing trust you have, or for any new trust you wish to create
  • Seamlessly integrate any new trust or any existing trust into your wealth planning strategy
  • Conduct trust accounting, tax reporting, beneficiary distributions, bill payment services, or any other administrative needs your trust or trusts may require

Insurance and Asset Protection Strategies

Wealth management for those with extraordinarily high net worth is as much about conservation and protection as it is about growth. Hand in hand with tax and estate planning, insurance and asset protection strategies are essential to preserving your wealth.

  • Insurance review/analysis/placement
  • Insurance coverage summary
  • Private placement insurance
  • Exposure evaluation
  • Customized asset protection programs
  • Medical concierge services
  • Offshore trust planning

Family Office Support Services

Family office personnel are dedicated to the management of your finances and the execution of all the ancillary services that entails. However, few family offices have on staff the depth of expertise Waldron has assembled. To us, the family office is a true extension of our client; we are available to support yours in whatever ways they may require—from establishing and staffing a new family office to overseeing the orderly dissolution of a long-time office as wealth is transferred to the next generation.

  • Establishing family office governance
  • Establishing family office mission and vision
  • Enhanced account aggregation
  • Enhanced investment reporting
  • Reviewing family office compliance structure
  • Family philanthropy
  • Education of next generation

Executive Compensation and Benefits

Because we are intimately familiar with your complete financial picture, we can advise on the most advantageous way to structure your compensation and benefits.

  • Corporate benefits analysis
  • Executive compensation

Business Owner Advisory Services

From the establishment of a business through its sale and beyond—Waldron can work with you to supply a roadmap of advisory services focused on what you most want out of life.

  • Valuation coordination
  • Business growth consulting
  • Entity ownership structuring
  • Business succession planning
  • Pre-business sale transaction planning
  • Buy/sell agreement consulting and funding


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