Business Owner Advisory Services

From the establishment of a business through its sale and beyond—Waldron can work with you to supply a roadmap of advisory services focused on what you most want out of life.

Valuation Coordination
We’ll help you make an assessment of a company’s real value, whether in preparation for a sale or as part of your overall financial management.

Business Growth Consulting
Making an acquisition, expanding, issuing debt? Simple growth is not always the end game. We can help you understand the consequences of your business decisions and how they will affect your entire financial picture.

Entity Ownership Structuring
How ownership is structured right from the start can make a huge difference in the ultimate disposition and sale or transfer of the enterprise.

Business Succession Planning
Will the business pass to your heirs, be sold or donated to charity? Setting out a vision for succession early—and revisiting it regularly—is essential.

Pre-Transaction Planning for the Sale of a Business
We work collaboratively with the business owner’s M & A attorney, estate attorney and accountant to verify that estate planning vehicles align with defined lifestyle and legacy goals.

Post-Transaction Planning for the Sale of a Business
We will help you prepare for the impact the sale of your business will have on the funding on your lifestyle, the management your personal affairs, and the management of your balance sheet.

Buy/Sell Agreement Consulting and Funding
The entirety of your holdings needs to be considered in the type of agreement made for the sale of a business. Use of escrow and timing of disbursements can have a great impact on your exposure to state and federal taxes.

Interested in learning more about businsss owner advisory services? View our additional resources and get a free copy of John Waldron’s “The Entrepreneurial Journey” below.


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