Next Generation Wealth Planning and Education

While there have long been established and formal paths to becoming an executive or a professional, rigorous teachings on how to deal with extraordinary wealth are basically nonexistent. That’s why we instituted a formalized course of preparation for the next generation of your family.

Helping Heirs Assume the Responsibilities of Wealth
Waldron’s facilitated communication services and education about family finances can preserve not only wealth, but relationships.

Heirs Education
From basic tenets of financial literacy to establishing a thorough understanding of how a family office functions, Waldron has a formal set of instruction for those set to inherit significant wealth or about to take control of a trust.

Succession Planning
Roles and responsibilities within a family are critical, and should be understood long before they take effect.

Intra-family Loan Structuring and Tracking
We’ll advise on strategy and structuring, and verify that implementation of this alternative to direct gifting complies with all state and federal regulations.

Family Meetings
We have extensive experience in facilitating family meetings in a way that allows each voice to be heard, all within the context of established family values. Such regular, ongoing discussions can avoid serious disruptions in wealth management, especially during times of transition.

Philanthropic Planning
To verify that your wishes to support causes important to you are enacted and not just stated, appropriate controls need to be in place.

No matter your goals, we’re here to help. Reach out to speak with one of our experts.

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