Your Philanthropic Legacy

Your Philanthropic

Sunny Erdman, Senior Wealth Advisor, relates how charitable intentions can be better coordinated.


“My client was passionate about a cause, but not completely sold on the way any of the major charities supporting that cause might use a large gift. She was unaware that there are ways to give while still retaining some control—all while potentially retaining an income stream as well.”

Our Advice

Once a preferred charity was identified, we negotiated with that charity on behalf of our client to determine the timing of the gift, amount of the gift, and uses of the gift.

We then worked with the client to structure the gift in a way that allowed the client to retain an income stream during her life, while passing the money at her death to an entity that ultimately controlled the distribution to her charity.

While the gift was significant, the client was comfortable with the eventual gift size and appreciated how we preserved enough wealth to also meet her long-term cash flow and legacy goals.

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