Insurance and Asset Protection Strategies

Wealth management for those with extraordinarily high net worth is as much about conservation and protection as it is about growth. Hand in hand with tax and estate planning, insurance and asset protection strategies are essential to preserving your wealth.

Insurance Review/Analysis/Placement
Most clients come to us with several existing types of insurance, purchased over several years and under differing circumstances. We begin with a thorough analysis of all policies and offer our recommendations in light of your current situation and your particular risks.

Insurance Coverage Summary
On an ongoing basis, we’ll assess the mix of coverage, from umbrella to life to long-term care insurance, and recommend changes as your needs change.

Private Placement Insurance
Private placement insurance offers the greatest customization possible in policy and investment options. Waldron has both the legal and insurance expertise to correctly create and implement this type of policy.

Exposure Evaluation
We’ll take the time to research and identify any significant hazards to your net worth, and recommend the steps to take, whether through insurance or a restructuring of holdings to mitigate that risk.

Customized Asset Protection Programs
The complexity of significant wealth demands solutions that are out of the mainstream. Rather than follow a standard formula, we use our in-depth knowledge of your complete financial situation to present a custom asset protection strategy.

Medical Concierge Services
You may split your time between several homes. We can help verify that your and your family members’ healthcare is aligned among doctors and caregivers wherever you are. In cases of chronic conditions, we can coordinate care in advance of travel as well.

Offshore Trust Planning
While recommending the creation of trusts is a staple of asset protection, the management of extraordinary wealth may call for the establishment of offshore as well as onshore trusts. Waldron has the expertise needed to create proper offshore trust strategies.

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