Why a boutique wealth management firm might be right for you

Since our founding in 1995, Waldron Private Wealth has been a boutique wealth management firm providing concierge service to a select group of individuals, families and family offices.

Our customized onboarding process is more extensive and comprehensive than what you may find at competing firms, and is specifically designed to allow us to understand each client individually, what their goals are financially, and what they want their legacy to be. Each unique family vision is the lens through which we view the challenges and opportunities our clients face, and guides all of the counsel we provide.

Based on our experience in the marketplace, we know there are many options to consider when selecting a wealth management firm and constant changes in the industry have made this decision even more challenging. To assist in this process, we’ve outlined a few reasons clients have chosen our boutique experience in the past:

Concierge Service

The staff of boutique firms are often able to provide a more customized client experience because they are not restrained by red tape and corporate hierarchies that exist at larger institutions. Decisions can be made quickly and carefully to ensure that the client’s needs are being met.

By maintaining a low client-to-staff ratio that never rises above five clients to one Waldron representative, we are able to devote a significant amount of time, thought and effort to each of our clients. Our size gives us the opportunity to be more agile in our decision-making, and nimble in our response to client inquires.

Independent Advice

Since Waldron’s inception, maintaining a personalized and consistent client experience has been a core focus for us. We are unencumbered by proprietary products, which gives us the ability to offer financial advice that is independent and unbiased.

Specialized Team

Boutique firms often have advisors with specialized areas of expertise which allows for the creation of customized teams to better serve their clients. Just like each player on a sports team has a specific set of skills, a comprehensive wealth management team works in harmony to achieve a collective goal.

Our firm is comprised of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds in the financial industry. We’re also committed to continuing the education of our staff who regularly attend conferences, seminars and trainings to help expand our breadth of knowledge.

Fortunately, at Waldron Private Wealth, our gratification comes when our clients achieve their goals, and are able to focus on what they care most about in their lives. As an example of how we can work with you, take a look at how we create your family vision. Once established, our clients receive guidance predicated on their specific objectives. The Progress Towards Your Vision schedule is our way of keeping things simple and laser-focused on each client’s specific goals. This focus is why we began our business and how we continue to serve our clients along life’s winding road.

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Matt Helfrich, CFP® is a partner and the president of the firm. He leads Waldron’s strategic vision, brand and value proposition, and overall culture.

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