What The finance – are i bonds still attractive?

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Our podcast, Wealth Simplified, aims to bring financial literacy and education to anyone who wants to learn. Whether you’re a first-generation wealth creator or a steward to multi-generational wealth, we want to make the complex simple and the vision clear.

In our first episode of What The Finance, our new short-form monthly podcast, our own Ali Swart, CFP® discusses whether I Bonds may be an attractive investment in the current market environment.

Are Series I bonds still attractive? We believe it’s important to look at the inflation environment as well as alternatives. Any time we ask ourselves if a particular investment is attractive, we always have to ask – well attractive compared to what?”

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Ali Swart, CFP® is the Managing Director of the Wealth Planning Department, where she develops and implements comprehensive, goal-based wealth planning strategies for Waldron's clients.

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