After 24 months of planning, coordinating and QCing everything under the sun – we are set to move in to our new offices on September 1st, and I could not be happier.

Our building committee and the executive team have put a lot of thought and hard work into developing our new space, and after touring the building to make sure that the final touches are in place, I am excited to report that it was all worth it! We have created a dynamic and innovative space that both reflects the core principles of our firm, and will provide our team with the workspace, meeting rooms and technological features we need to further simply the lives of our clients.

On September 1st, Waldron will move into our new offices, on the fourth floor of the newly constructed Beacon 1 office complex in Bridgeville. Our goal all along was to build our space to enhance three concepts central to our service offering: Creativity, Collaboration and Concentration, and I am confident that we hit all three. Our new space features an open plan, with team members from different departments situated throughout, to increase both transparency and communication, companywide. We found that in our previous space, with departments in different locations and in different buildings, many service projects were being built out, but without the intangible efficiencies that can occur only when the entire team is not only aware of the project, but easily accessible to provide their knowledge and experience.

To encourage creativity, we have built our office with versatile technology, throughout the space. Team members will enjoy a contemporary café, along the lines of a Starbucks, where team members will be able to grab an espresso, meet with a co-worker at table, counter or couch, plug in their iPhone or laptop and get to work in an environment designed to add a fresh perspective to the collaborative process. And when team members need to buckle down, we have constructed a library, with reference materials lining the walls, and dedicated work stations designed to create a quiet, focused environment. In addition, all team member workstations are equipped with sit-stand desks, which will allow the user to enjoy the health and productivity benefits of periodically standing while they work throughout the day. To further support the physical and mental health of our team, we have constructed an on-site gym, which will allow team members a fantastic amenity to reinvigorate their body and mind.

Visiting clients will enjoy the benefits of our new space as well. Our new conference rooms feature floor to ceiling windows, facing the I-79 corridor and the surrounding mountainside, as well as new contemporary furniture. We have also outfitted our conference rooms with upgraded technology, allowing team members to lower shades, pull up a report and dim the lights with the touch of a button on an iPad. Or if a client prefers their meeting to be in a more casual setting, we can host them in our new client lounge, which features a pool table, a wet bar and a number of comfortable seating options.

The process of building our new office was driven by one clear goal – to provide Waldron team members with the tools and the environment to further improve the service we provide to our clients, and to enhance the client experience when we host meetings on-site.

Ryan Fortier

Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Hall of