On October 6, 2016, we sent three of our top financial advisors to North Oakland to conduct a customized seminar focused on cash flow management and long term goals for the clients and staff of Pittsburgh Community Services, Inc.

Pittsburgh Community Services Inc. works to reduce the effects of poverty by providing job search and interview training, organizing job fairs, and by offering food, clothing and other resources to empower the working poor to achieve self-sufficiency. Waldron Private Wealth was enthusiastic to support PCSI’s clients and staff, and their mission. Our team of financial advisors developed a presentation focused on cash flow management and long term goals, and demonstrating the importance of understanding and executing your will. Our intent was to provide education actionable takeaways attendees could use to build an efficiently managed financial future.

The training was conducted by Chris J. Roe, Managing Director, Robert H. Wyche, Executive Wealth Counselor and Lara Dalton, Wealth Planning. Lara kicked off the presentation with a segment focused on managing cash flow and developing household budgets, including some impactful examples of how managing short term spending can lead to previously unrealized resources for emergency savings, retirement and education savings. Bob discussed the importance of planning for catastrophe, including risk management, disability and life insurance, as well as the benefits and tax savings of 401k retirement plans. Chris concluded the presentation with a discussion about the importance of executing your will, financial and medical power of attorney, and guardianship.

Attendees were encouraged throughout the presentation to ask questions about any topics we discussed, or any other issues they wanted information about, and most of the attendees took advantage of the opportunity. Among the topics our advisors were asked about was the comparative tax penalty for hardship withdrawal from a Roth IRA and a 401k, insurance company solvency, and the composition and fee structures of  mutual funds, ETFs and index funds, just to name a few. The Waldron advisors stuck around after the event to have private, one on one conversations with attendees as well.

The mission of PCSI is to move low income residents of Pittsburgh along the continuum of financial well-being towards self-sufficiency through education, support programs and training. We couldn’t have been happier to answer questions, and to provide our perspective on cash flow management and long term goals, as well as a few financial tools to their clients and staff.  We very much appreciated the opportunity to provide counsel on topics which we hope will have a positive, and lasting effect for the great group of people we got to spend time with.

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Chris Roe, CPA/PFS

Partner and Managing Director

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