The Women of Waldron Panel Event

The Women of Waldron Panel Event

In Celebration of Women’s History Month last month, Waldron Private Wealth hosted “The Women of Waldron” Panel Event, moderated by Beth Bershok, Chief Marketing Officer at Louis Plung at The Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.  Each of our panelists shared personal, intimate details of their lives and how these experiences directly impacted and shape their approach to wealth planning.

Their stories ranged from the early childhood self-awareness and determination it took to escape the challenges of growing up in a low income, single parent home, to the devastating, life altering moment of becoming orphaned at the age of 15, to the unpreparedness of the sudden loss of a loved one – thinking she had more time, to making the decision of going against the strong “family grain” and the struggle and sacrifice it took to earn back the trust to rise and return.

Topic comments by our Panel from:  “Just because you have a plan in place, is it the right plan?” to “With estate planning, it’s always something you’re planning for all the time because the government changes things all the time on exemptions and everything else.” – truly resonated with our audience prompting a robust Q&A session.  The bravery it took for our panel to share their personal stories was not only inspirational but left the audience (including many other Waldron Women who were hearing these stories for the first time) with a deeper appreciation and perspective of why these “Women of Waldron” are true stand outs in the world of Wealth Planning.

The evening was capped off with food and drink, where our guests could get more one-on-one time with the Women of Waldron and each other.  It was a night of Celebration and Elevation for all.

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