Each member of the diversely talented team at Waldron leverages his or her unique skillset and experience to help our clients solve their immediate challenges and achieve their long-term goals.

Our team members are what make our firm so unique, so to help you get to know us a little better, from a professional and personal standpoint, we’re publishing a series of Team Member Spotlights.

This quarter, we turn the Spotlight on Melissa Lamb. Melissa is an innovative leader of the client service group, where she trains and mentors our service team, and manages operational and administrative services for our clients.

Why did you join Waldron? I was looking for a place to call home (my work home). We spend so much time with those we work with, more than our own families, so it was very important that I find a team that truly cared for one another and the clients they work with. The culture here is like none other, Waldron was a perfect fit!

What is the best advice you have ever received? Don’t let things bother you that you can’t control. This advice came from Justin Lamb, my husband. I tend to stress easily, so he reminds me of this to help calm me down.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Eleanor Roosevelt. I believe she is one of the most influential women of our country’s history. She was outspoken, outgoing, determined to make changes wherever she saw work needed to be done, advocating for human rights, civil rights, and international rights. Dinner with her would be so inspirational!

Fun fact:  I attended Eleanor Roosevelt College, which is one of the 7 colleges that make up University of California San Diego.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you? I speak Spanish fluently. My mom is from Nicaragua and I am a first generation American. Growing up, I lived with my mom and my grandparents, who didn’t speak English at all. I learned how to speak, read, write and embrace the Latino culture at an early age. I’m also a salsa dancer. I was part of the Mambo Club in college and taught classes.

What is the next item you plan to knock off your bucket list? Taking an official honeymoon! When we got married, our “honeymoon” was driving across the country to move from California to Pennsylvania. We never really had the opportunity to plan or take a honeymoon due to the move. We’ll be married 15 years in 2 years so I’d like to take a kid-free honeymoon to Hawaii.

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