Family Enterprise Services

Waldron’s family enterprise service offering is devoted to the growth and success of the multigenerational family and the assets and structures which sustain their wealth. The service offering includes family businesses, family offices, family foundations, and the education of and engagement with multiple generations, among other matters.  Ann Dugan leads Waldron’s efforts, providing the framework and guidance that allows successful multigenerational families to preserve their assets through carefully designed structure, shared vision and collaboration.

The Family Enterprise Should Mitigate Complexity Through Continuity
Waldron’s facilitated communication services and education about family finances can preserve not only wealth, but relationships.

Family Stewardship
Family stewardship provides the framework that allows for the good practices of the formal legal structures and documents related to the family business. It serves as a structure to clarify roles, responsibilities and processes for family members, and improves communication within the family and between the family and family business.  

Family Philanthropic Guidance
What do you want to achieve with your philanthropy? Based on the shared family interests and values, we will help build thoughtful and effective philanthropic pathways that achieve the family legacy and social investment goals.

Family Education & Transition Counseling
Family wealth can be eroded in just a few generations without proper wealth education, generational development, and transition planning. Our strategic focus supports and develops the family as they strive to achieve long-term sustainability and prepare for transitions that reinforces multigenerational success.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are Family Enterprise Services?

Waldron’s family enterprise services assist multigenerational families of wealth to develop family governance and communications structures and putting them in place around their philanthropic, family businesses and direct investing activities.   

Q:  How will my business vision integrate into my overall family vision? Will I have two family visions, one for me as a client and another for my family enterprise?

Waldron works with each family to develop a customized family vision which will guide our integrated strategic counsel. Ann may develop a separate family vision for family enterprise endeavors which will support the family’s primary vision.

Q: Will Ann be a part of my meetings with my Waldron Private Wealth service team?

When the issues of a meeting center around family dynamics, family communication or other family enterprise topics, Ann will attend Waldron client meetings.

To read our full FAQ, download our Family Enterprise Services PDF here Family-Enterprise-Service-Full-1.pdf (274 downloads)

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