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The value of valuation discounts, part 1 – Never higher for owners of family businesses

For decades, high net worth families have been structuring family controlled business entities as partnerships and corporations in order to take advantage of valuation discounts for estate planning purposes.

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Bridging the GAP to work with you, part 2: The GAP Process

In my last post, I painted a picture of the typical Waldron client – the challenges they are often facing and the integrated services they need. In this installment, I want to focus on how we approach entering into new client engagements.

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Bridging the GAP to work with you, part 1: Who is our ideal client?

When I started our company over 20 years ago, I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be positioned where we are today. 

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The 2016 Presidential Election: Investment decisions and financial market ramifications

The U.S. presidential debates are slated to commence on September 26th, and may prime investors to contemplate how the November 8th election will impact their wealth.

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What do jazz, cooking, and goal-based wealth management have in common?

Mark Twain has been credited with saying, “History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

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Mark Moretti, Certified Financial Planner
Team Member Spotlight: Mark Moretti, CFP®

Each member of the Waldron team uses his or her own specific areas of expertise to help our clients achieve what’s important in their lives.

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How to benefit from buying or selling a business

When many of our clients begin the process of buying or selling a business, we find that they are both excited and apprehensive about the impact the transaction will have on their financial life.

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Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule: The questions every investor should be asking

You may have read about the controversy over the Department of Labor’s (DOL) fiduciary rule that was released back in April.

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Maximizing the after-tax return of your portfolio

Many investors don’t consider taxes when they are constructing their portfolios, but they can be one of the biggest drags on investment returns.

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New beginnings at Waldron: Beacon 1

When I founded Waldron Private Wealth in 1995, I knew that the key to creating a great client experience was to employ the best team possible.

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