Nick Colaizzi, CFP®

Investment Analyst

Nick can simplify your wealth

Nick Colaizzi, CFP® photo

Nick is an Investment Analyst focusing on collecting information, performing research, and analyzing assets.

For more than 6 years, Nick has been helping entrepreneurs and their families simplify their financial lives. He earned a Business Administration degree from Robert Morris University and continued his education at the University of Georgia, Terry College of Business to earn a Certificate in Financial Planning.

At Waldron, Nick specializes in assisting the team by conducting trading activities, providing macroeconomic research, and focusing on the firm’s GAP process to gather, analyze, and present customized investment strategies.

Outside of the office, Nick spends a lot of his time as an active member of his local church, where he helps lead a young adult group called LAUNCH, teaches at children’s ministry throughout the year, and serves as part of the tech team most weekends. He also loves to watch and play almost every sport – mainly basketball, football, and volleyball.

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Nick's teammates

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John J. Waldron

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Michael Krol, CFP®, CPA

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Family Enterprise Services

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Nathaniel Ecoff, CFA

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Patrick Ellsworth, CFA

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Andrew Feldmann

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Nathan Freshwater

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William A. Groom, CFP®

Senior Wealth Planning Analyst

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Alex Hendrickson, CFP®

Strategist - Investments

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Christopher Horan, CFP®

Director - Wealth Planning

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Chris Keller, CFP®

Team Lead - Client Service

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Renee Mendelssohn, JD

Senior Wealth Advisor

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Jack Knapton, CFP®

Wealth Planning Analyst

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Nicholas Koury, MBA, CFP®

Wealth Planning Analyst

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Spencer McKee

Wealth Planning Associate

Joseph Palmieri, CFA photo

Joseph Palmieri, CFA

Managing Director - Family Office Services

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Brent Meilinger

Investment Associate

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Kaleigh Price, CFP®

Wealth Planning Associate

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JR Raebiger, CFP®, CTFA

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Bobby Pryhocki

Investment Associate

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Wade Rashilla

Investment Associate

Meranda Resides photo

Meranda Resides

Client Service Specialist

Casey Robinson, CFP® photo

Casey Robinson, CFP®

Chief Planning Officer

Lynne Schultz photo

Lynne Schultz

Business Development Specialist

Kevin Searfoss, CFP®, CDFA®, BFA™ photo

Kevin Searfoss, CFP®, CDFA®, BFA™

Senior Wealth Advisor

Craig Slaubaugh, CFP® photo

Craig Slaubaugh, CFP®

Director - Investments

Samantha Spitzer, CFP®, CDFA® photo

Samantha Spitzer, CFP®, CDFA®

Director - Wealth Planning

Ali Swart, CFP® photo

Ali Swart, CFP®

Managing Director - Wealth Planning

Jonathan Tobal photo

Jonathan Tobal

Business Development Specialist – Marketing

Eric Vogt, CFP® photo

Eric Vogt, CFP®

Senior Wealth Strategist

Bryan P. Waldron, CFP® photo

Bryan P. Waldron, CFP®

Director - Wealth Planning

Michael J. Waldron, CTFA photo

Michael J. Waldron, CTFA

Wealth Planning Analyst

Shea A. Waldron, CAP® photo

Shea A. Waldron, CAP®

Strategist - Family Office Services

Lindsay Wilcox, CFP®, CHFC® photo

Lindsay Wilcox, CFP®, CHFC®

Strategist - Wealth Planning

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