Employee Spotlight: Madison Daggett

Madison Daggett

About Madison

Each member of the team at Waldron aims to leverage their unique skillset and experience to help our clients solve their immediate challenges and achieve their long-term goals.

This week, we turn the Spotlight on Madison Daggett. For more than 3 years, Madison has been helping entrepreneurs and their families simplify their financial lives. She earned a degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, and prior to joining the Waldron team, she served as an associate for Northwestern Mutual.

At Waldron, Madison specializes in constructing personalized and customized investment strategies aiming to help clients achieve their specific financial goals, conducting trading activities and assisting with tax reporting.

Outside of the office, Madison enjoys skiing, gardening, and attempting to collect enough books to have her own library one day.

Spotlight Questions

  • Why did you join Waldron?
    • I joined Waldron because of the emphasis on learning and development, the collaborative environment, and the dynamic nature of our work.  
  • What is the best advice you have ever received?
    • Maybe this is more of a lesson, but my parents always encouraged me to pursue my interests and emphasized the importance of not allowing my own doubts to hold me back. Having this message instilled in me from such a young age was formative to my growth and to where I am today. 
  • What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
    • I wrestled for a year or two in elementary school. To add a feminine touch to my uniform, I wore a Kim Possible t-shirt and had purple wrestling shoes. Something that I consider a major personal success is that I made a boy cry (and ultimately forfeit) as we were setting up for the first period. He knew he didn’t stand a chance. 
  • How did you get started in the industry?
    • I met someone in the industry by chance, which sparked a further dive into the field of wealth management. I majored in mathematics and economics without an idea of the career path I wanted to take, and it felt like a great match for my studies and desire for my core job functions to include complex problem-solving. 
  • What is your favorite memory since working at Waldron?
    • A few years ago, one of my team members rescued a rogue caterpillar from the parking lot. We kept the caterpillar as an office pet and named him Honk Shoo. For months, we fawned over Honk, took him home on the weekends, fed him only the finest diet available, and even trained him to be a free-range caterpillar. One day, we came into work and Honk was missing. His disappearance remains a mystery to this day. 
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