We don’t boast about many things at Waldron – it’s simply not part of our personality. But if we had to choose one facet of our firm that’s deserving of praise, it would be our diversely talented staff.

We are boutique by choice, and have built our company with the client in mind at every step. From our concierge approach to customer service, to our comprehensive planning strategies, Waldron aims to create the most tailored, personalized client experience possible – and that begins with our diversely talented team. Among the titles and certifications of our financial advisors are CFP®, CPA, CFA, graduate of the Institute for Preparing Heirs, and Certified Divorce Financial Planner. And integral to our high touch service offering, is maintaining an exceptionally low client to staff ratio (currently better than 5 to 1), which allows us to build a customized, accessible team, for each and every client. Our low client to staff ratio, and our high touch, concierge approach, has set us apart from other firms over the years, because we’ve created a service offering that is conscientiously crafted based on the needs of the customer, not the needs of the firm.

When we onboard new clients, we spend a significant amount of time analyzing the intricacies that make up their financial life – what their goals are, how they created their wealth, what the family dynamics are, what their investment profile is, and what their service needs are. We then take that information and use it to form their Waldron team. Typically, a team consists of a lead advisor, and a specialist from the wealth planning group, the investment management group, and the client service team, and often includes additional team members, whose experience and skills are suited to support specific aspects of that client’s particular situation. Also key to our comprehensive approach, is that when we address client issues, we do so in a collaborative manner, and always with a focus on supporting that client’s specific wealth planning goals.

As an experienced, comprehensive wealth management firm, we know that every choice a client makes impacts several decisions down the line – complexity breeds more complexity when it comes to planning for the future. However, a holistic approach, undertaken by a multi-disciplined team of experts, can help simplify any situation. By clearly identifying all the relationships created by extraordinary wealth, we make the complex more manageable.

Matthew Helfrich, CFP®

Partner and President

Hall of